Product Information

Made in the USA
Iron Design Group believes in quality first. That is why our product line is proudly manufactured in the USA. Each of our legs are handmade and do require special attention to detail. Making the legs in a timely manner is most important but they do take time. Please be patient if your item is on back-order.

Our Products
Iron Design Group wrought iron legs are proudly made in the USA. Our wrought iron legs are available in various styles and industry standard sizes. Our legs are made from solid round iron bar, solid square iron bar and square tubing for ease of use and increased strength and stability. Our Traditional, Toro, and Classico Bold legs have been prime coated with an oil base flat black primer. We have taken the time to do this so the legs resist rust and are easier to handle. Due to the nature of iron, the legs may be vulnerable to nicks and scratches along the way. Iron Design Group recommends that legs are finished to obtain the customer's desired look. Legs can be used as is, painted, crackled or rusted for a natural aged look.

Our Contemporary Style legs are constructed of steel tubing with visible weld marks for an industrial and rustic look. Legs may be used outdoors, however, if exposed to high moisture or dampness, the legs will rust quickly due to the nature of the material. The Contemporary leg styles use rectangular tubing and is hand sanded to minimize weld marks, however the imperfection of the steel is left untouched for a more rustic and industrial appeal. The Contemporary Style legs have a clear coat finish applied to resist rust however can be eliminated upon request for customer's application of their own finishing products.

When you purchase furniture components from Iron Design Group, only the items ordered are included. We do not provide any special finishes or screws with any of our components. We do not include fasteners because there are so many various applications for the product that it would be impossible for us to accommodate every use of the product. If you have any questions about your particular application please feel free to contact us.

Weight Load
Iron Design Group furniture components are not subject to a weight bearing load capacity test and does rely on the customer's knowledge of appropriate use and assembly. Most of our customers use our legs for wood slabs, granite, stone and mosaic work.In general, our legs tend to be stronger than most aftermarket wooden legs, however, the fastening application is crucial to the stability of the piece. In addition, leg placement and the distance between the legs can also play a role in the stability of the finished project. Please use proper discretion with your creativity when using our products.

Tax and Shipping Information
Please be advised that all merchandise shipped within the state of Arizona is subject to Arizona Sales Tax.
For shipping, please note that UPS shipping charges are automatically applied during check out and your order will ship within 1 week upon order entry unless your legs are on back-order. Where your order is being shipped will determine when your products will arrive. UPS deliveries usually take about 2-5 business days within the United States. If you need your order to be shipped via United States Postal Service, please call customer service. Non UPS shipments will incur a $25.00 surcharge.

Our Appreciation
As always, we thank you for your order and encourage you to be creative with our components. If you would like to email us your project, we would be happy to share your ideas with our customer base. Sometimes our own creativity is inspired by someone else.