Design Ideas for Table Legs

Do-it-Yourself Projects

"A great way to create interest in a room is to accent with tables. Whether they are functional or decorative, tables can create a decorative opportunity for any room. Today, furnishing your living space can be more spectacular when creating a look that has a sense of artistic expression. A table can serve as a palette for color and style. Using a painted, tiled, stenciled or crackled finishing technique, you can create a designer look for less and own custom made furnishings... custom made by you."

Art in True Expression
What better way to display art on the wall then to enhance the view with an artistic table below. These Toro Style Iron legs support a Sycamore slab of wood with its natural curved shape that has been sanded and varnished. The designer chose the curved iron legs to accentuate the curves of the Sycamore wood.
Designed and created by John Ramos.2012


A Very Big Tree for a Very Big Table
This creative piece was designed for a feast and a visual feast it is! Using the Rustic Contemporary legs, our customer was able to support a very large rustic slab of wood with a contemporary Style.

Out with the Old in with the New
This customer was looking for an updated look and a way to bring wrought iron into the room. By cutting into the existing legs, he was able to have the remaining leg act as a support block to fasten the new legs to with great success. The new table gives the room a whole new look! Please note that the legs in the photo were custom made to accommodate the existing height of the table.

Creating Work Space - An Easy to Do and Straightforward Project
We all need extra work space around the home and office. This easy project is a great way to merge function and style with a contemporary flair.
Our customer created this extra long desk using a Poplar wood top with a white wood underneath for additional structural support. The dimensions of this piece are 8 feet long and 2.5 feet deep.

Restored and Remembered
This butcher block top was banished to the basement for years until it came to life again with a new set of legs. Previously a kitchen table with many childhood memories, our customer decided to give this sentimental slab an artful revival and is now thrilled to see it back upstairs with a new identity.

San Diego Style

This beautiful leaf bench, upholstered in green and gold velvet, and the slice of burl wood bench were designed and created by Alan Hall, store owner of Eden, Eden's Bencha southern California boutique. Our Traditional Style Legs have been artistically incorporated to showcase these functional

pieces of art for creative decor at Eden's two store locations, 520 5th Avenue in San Diego and 4900 E. 2nd Street at Belmont Shores, California.

Mosaic Table Restoration Project

Karen Silton & Barry Balin, from Mosaic Morphosis,

were commissioned to restore this three section mosaic work of art originally created 40 years ago. Though it was in extremely deteriorated condition, the the overall design and technical skill that had originally gone into piece was unique, artistic, and worth preserving. Involving tile restoration, new grout and a little dash of magic, the piece went through a major transformation. Mosaic Morphosis does commissions for all types of mosaic tables and restoration projects as well as providing instruction for individuals wanting to create their own mosaic tables. Visit their website for more information

Custom Kitchen Table
This 36" birch round table top was painted, stenciled and crackled for a custom made designer look. The 29" Traditional Style wrought iron legs were painted in a copper finish and fastened to the underside with 3/4" screws.

Copper Top Table
The copper top was made by wrapping a thin sheet of copper around an 1 1/2" wood piece and copper welded at the corners. The 29 inch Toro Style Legs were screwed into position to create this beautiful entry table.

Walnut Top Table
The exquisite top was made from a uniquely finished piece of walnut. The 29 inch Toro Style Legs were screwed into position to create this beautiful and natural entry table.

Kitchen Nook Table
The perfect place for for a small space. The beautiful crafted wood top is designed just big enough for an intimate pallet. The 29 inch Toro Style Legs were screwed into position to create this precious eat in nook.

Perfect for Merchandising
The designer created this custom project for a unique way to display product. The standard and custom sized Classico Bold Style Legs were the screwed into position to create this beautiful three tiered nesting table display.

Fill Space with Function and a Decorative Touch
The best way to ground a room with a floating sofa is the use of a console table behind it. Our customer creatively added wood and steel to the room while filling in the space behind the sofa with a fine wood grain table with a function. By simply fastening the legs into position, they were able to create a bar space to seat a few more with ease.

Half Round Entry Table
The entry table is a 24 birch round cut in half, you may need to use a rig or

template to get a straight cut. Two coats of paint were applied to the wood then stenciled with a pattern around the front edge of the table. The top was sprayed with a clear satin varnish for protection. The wrought iron legs were simply coated with a bronzing paint made for metal surfaces. Then the legs were fastened into position using 3/4" screws. The half round stands on three Classico Style 29 inch iron legs or can be L-bracketed to the wall for added stability.

Stenciled Console Table
This console table has four 29 inch Traditional Style wrought iron legs supporting a 16 x 48 inch birch top. The wood top was first painted with a coat of off-white colored paint, then lightly sanded just enough to let some of the wood show through along the edges and at the corners to create a distressed look. A stencil pattern was then applied using a stencil brush and a water base paint. When dipping your stencil brush always dab on newspaper first before applying to remove excess paint. When the stencil coat dried, a light coat of stain was applied by wiping with a saturated rag then quickly removed with a clean rag to accomplish an antique look. A finish coat was applied and the legs were fastened with 3/4" screws.

Stenciled Ivy Table
This 20 inch birch round was first stained with a white pastel stain. An ivy stencil was the applied in a circular pattern. A little fudging may be necessary with the stencil to get the patter to appear round (an extra leaf here and there to lose any visible corners). Three 24 inch Traditional Style Legs were used in stock primer coat finish and attached with 3/4" screws. Be sure to measure equal distances between legs before attachment.
Slate and Tile Coffee Table
This coffee table was created with four 17.5 inch Traditional Style wrought iron legs, natural slate and a ceramic tile center piece. We used 3/4" plywood with a reinforced underside wood frame for additional support. We then applied a crown molding to the sides with mitered corners to hold in and surround the tile. We applied our thick layer of mastics and set our tile in place. Slate is a natural product and can be extremely uneven which is part of its' charm. In some areas we had to build up a thicker coat of mastics and sometimes would spacers were used to lift up a corner of the tile. This table can be very heavy depending on the materials used and the size of the finished table, be sure that your choice of leg and fastening equipment will support the weight.

Pretty in Pink Child's Table
This table top was first spray painted with the legs with a can of pink spray paint. Decals were applied to the table top. The top was then sprayed with a semi-gloss clear coat to protect surface. Four 17.5inch Traditional Style wrought iron legs were fastened into position for the perfect table height for a child to sit and play.

Decorative Kitchen Counter Support
A wonderful application for our legs are counter extensions in the kitchen. This project was installed by a cabinet maker. The two 29" Toro Style iron legs were sprayed with a silver metal paint and fastened into the plywood on the underside of the bull-nosed granite top.

Dressing Stool
This dressing stool uses a 20" plywood round as a seat base and a 21" piece of firm foam. The foam is then upholstered with your choice of fabric by stapling to the underneath side of the wood. A down filled pillow was then stuffed into a round pillow shell. Two buttons were sewn in the center on each side to create a tuck. Three 17.5" Classico Style legs were painted with a bronzing paint prior to assembly with 3/4" screws.
Foot Stool
This little foot stool is a great addition to any room. We took a piece of scrap 3/4" plywood and cut it into a 10 x 14 inch piece. Then we placed a piece of 11 x 15 foam over the wood. You can use a spray glue for fabric and foam to keep it in place while working with it. Then take a muslin fabric and wrap the foam tight to make the shape round and firm and staple to the underside. For extra puffiness, lay a piece of poly fill over the muslin(enough to come down the sides but not wrap under). Take your cover fabric and position the pattern,
if there is a pattern. Gently flip over an staple fabric to underside. Be careful not to bunch much fabric in the corners or the legs will not go on properly. Screw the 7 5/8" Traditional Style wrought iron legs into the plywood with 3/4" screws.